Unbiased Analytical Medical Expert Services

Objective Medical is a full-service medical-legal practice, aimed at servicing the needs of the workers compensation industry, personal injury attorneys, and medical malpractice law. We also evaluate individuals for social security disability, fit for duty, and FLMA examinations. We are committed to providing the highest level of services to all of our referral sources through timely, unbiased opinions, informed by the latest scientific literature and decades of clinical experience. We provide services to both plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as the Indiana Workers Compensation Board.

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A Team of Specialists

Objective Medical seeks opinions of truth, regardless of referral source. Dr. Gregori leads a team of highly-esteemed professionals to provide a full service medical-legal consulting practice. Objective Medical has Board Certified expert physicians available in most specialty areas to assist with cases of all size and complexity.

Expert Services

Since 2009, Objective Medical has grown into a full-service Medical Practice, focused on medical-legal consulting, addressing diagnosis, causation, significance of preexisting conditions, impairment, disability, appropriateness of treatment, and projected future treatments.

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Our experts maintain an unbiased and objective approach to rendering opinions and answering referral source questions.  They keep a balanced workoload serving both defense and plaintiff cases, as well as the Indiana Workers Compensation Board. We are always available for a free consultation to discuss how we can best assist you with your medical-legal needs.